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Central Vermont Good Beginnings' 2017-2018 Birthing Year Classes

Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 Parenting Classes in Barre,VT


POSTPARTUM PACKAGE (offered as a series; register for just one or all three!)

How to Postpartum Like a Boss

Instructor: Ana Campanile, CPD


#Likeaboss means doing something amazingly well.  This class will prepare you to do just that during your postpartum recovery. Learn what to expect after birth from bottom to top.  How to coordinate adequate rest and recovery from birth by creating a postpartum care plan, set up a meal train, and simplify the first month.  Understand postpartum body changes and how to care for your healing postpartum bits. Topics include:  perineal care, sleep, exercise, relationship, cesarean recovery emotions, and postpartum simplifying, and planning your support system. Postpartum Care Plan booklet provided so you can rock your recovery by knowing how to care for yourself!


Infant Owner’s Manual

Instructor: Ana Campanile, CPD


What every new parent should know about newborn babies! Topics include: newborn appearance, jaundice, breathing, umbilical care, un/circumcision care, bowel + bladder functions, diapering, taking baby’s temperature, sleep crying, bathing, clothing, newborn senses, SIDS, safety, and more. This class covers the new baby basics for newbie parents and is a comprehensive review for parents expecting again.


Secure Attachment HACKS

Instructor: Ana Campanile, CPD


Straight talk on what it takes to create a secure attachment with your new baby + how anyone can achieve it.  It’s not as hard as you may think.  The great news is that you don’t have to be perfect, your life doesn’t have to be perfect, and secure attachment isn’t unattainable! You don’t need an advanced degree, superhuman powers, or an expensive stroller to give your child the best possible foundation in life.  Learn the emotional, practical, and developmental information that you will need to achieve the secure attachment bond that you and your baby deserve.


Training Camp for New Dads

Instructor: Josh Miller


Welcoming a child is an extremely profound and life-changing experience for men. Dads are acutely aware that it's only the beginning of a great adventure. The birth opens the door to their new life as a parent. In this fatherhood class, men will gain perspective from discussing the road that lies ahead. A new father’s mind may be swimming with questions: How long should I take off work? What do we need to have at home to be prepared for the baby? How do I figure out how to pay the bills and still have enough time to be with my wife and baby? Is there sex after childbirth? I'm worried my wife will be totally focused on the baby and not have any time for me. Do you think we should use cloth or disposable diapers? Is it possible to breast- and bottle-feed? I want to make sure I can care for the baby, too. How long should we wait before relatives can visit? The list goes on and on! This class helps men give voice to their concerns about becoming a dad, gain support, and start the process of making decisions.


Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum Support for Moms

Instructor: Amy Lepage


Learn self-care, movement and breath exercises to reduce stress, cope with pain, increase your strength and stability and improve your wellbeing during all the stages of your pre and postnatal journey, INCLUDING birth!  You're encouraged to bring a Friend, Birth Partner or Family member to learn and practice with you - or - come on your own.

Why is this important? Because your wellbeing impacts your baby while inside -

Your wellbeing impacts your ability to care for your little one -

Your wellbeing impacts your experience as a mother.


Plan and Deliver: Childbirth Essentials

Instructor:  Ame Solomon


The mother of all childbirth classes! This interactive class focuses on evidence-based knowledge and holistic care for late pregnancy, labor and immediate postpartum. Learn how to negotiate with finesse during labor to make an empowered birth decision, find out what happens immediately after birth with you and your baby, practice tools and tactics for childbirth. Perfect for home or hospital births. We will cover the most important essentials of labor and birth step-by-step and create birth plans as we go.


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My Voice Matters training for volunteers 6:00-7:30 PM at Kilton Library

My Voice Matters workshop from 6:00pm-8:00pm in the Kilton Library Community Room (large room near back entrance). Dinner will be served. Please RSVP by Aug 15.

This workshop, presented by New Hampshire Children's Trust, will be tailored for you as in-home visitors. Participants will learn why their voice matters and how to advocate for children at doctor's appointments, at parent teacher conferences, at their job, at town meetings, at school board meetings, by voting, by contacting your state representative and more. We hope the information from this presentation can be shared with your past, present and future Good Beginnings families.

The presenter, Julie Day, is the Strengthening Families Director at the NH Children's Trust. She is credentialed as an NH Early Childhood Master Professional-Allied Professional and serves on the Board of Directors of the National Alliance of Children's Trust and Prevention Funds. She is also the co-leader of New Hampshire's Strengthening Families Leadership Team and a co-chair of the Family Engagement Taskforce for Spark NH. She is the principal trainer for My Voice Matters which seeks to equip parents to advocate about issues important to them. 

Please RSVP by Aug 15.

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Upper Valley Nighthawks Baseball to benefit Good Beginnings
6:30 PM18:30

Upper Valley Nighthawks Baseball to benefit Good Beginnings

Fun for the whole family!

Help support the Upper Valley Nighthawks and Good Beginnings by attending the game on Thursday, July 20 at 6:30 PM
Tickets, available at the ticket tent the day of the game, are $5 for adults and under 18 years old are FREE! There are bleachers, or if preferred, fans can bring chairs or blankets and sit anywhere. Parking is also free. All are invited!

More info at: http://uppervalleybaseball.pointstreaksites.com/view/uppervalley/field

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