Last year, over 100 Good Beginnings' volunteers helped 267 Upper Valley families.

Our Mission

The mission of Good Beginnings is to ensure that every baby in our local community enjoys a "good beginning." We provide volunteers that visit families with new babies free of charge and lend a helping hand with whatever the family might need.

Our History

Good Beginnings was founded in 1986 by Dorothy Campion-Corcoran of Etna, New Hampshire and several of her friends. The founders were all experienced mothers who wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of new parents. They knew that all families face similar challenges when a baby is born - the sudden disruption of old patterns with one's partner and family, sleepless nights, and the need to quickly learn the nurturing skills that infants require. It's no wonder new mothers and fathers often feel stressed and isolated. Couldn't everyone use some help at that time?

Since its beginning in 1986, Good Beginnings has proven that even small, "everyday" actions can make a big difference for a family during this time of transition. Equally important, Good Beginnings serves to connect people in the community who may never have met otherwise.

Good Beginnings mission is twofold. The organization's primary commitment is to serve families at the time of a baby's arrival. At the same time, Good Beginnings strives to increase awareness among every member of the greater community about the importance of providing support at this critical time in a family's and baby's life. And because any family with a new baby can use a helping hand, all services are free of charge to all families.

“As a foster parent having a new baby again after 12 years it was wonderful having Nancy come in with her gentle, relaxed, friendly way. She was always so thoughtful and kind and as soon as she arrived the baby and I were both at ease. She made me feel confident in what I was doing as a parent and gave me the much needed time to clean, cook, do payroll— whatever it was I needed at the time. LOVED HER.”
— Stacy- Hartland, VT